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Sleep data

Sleep Detection

The algorithm is designed to track the user's movements and heart rate to determine whether they are asleep or awake. When there is a decrease in movement and heart rate, it indicates that the user is asleep. Conversely, when movement and heart rate increase, it indicates that the user has awakened. This process of sleep detection helps in determining the sleep duration.

Sleep Scoring

After detecting that you have awakened, the algorithm begins to calculate what sleep stage you were in every 30 seconds. This is called sleep scoring. This calculation takes into account various factors such as HRV, breath rate, activity count, age, and BMI.

Plotting Sleep Stages in the App

Once each sleep stage has been scored, the data is sent to the app. In the app, the sleep stages are plotted.

Due to the processing that occurs during sleep scoring and the fact that it only begins after waking up, it may take some time before your sleep data is ready for display. As a result, you won't be able to see your sleep data directly in the NOWATCH app right after waking up.