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In this fast-paced world of technology and data where we find ourselves reluctantly ‘plugged’ in, many of us feel out of balance and disconnected from our bodies, inner power, and a sense of meaning. We believe it’s time to reconnect.

NOWATCH is the world’s first Awareable – a cutting-edge health device and app that combines bio-tracking with mindfulness to support you to live a more meaningful life. 

NOWATCH is a device, app and membership. The device uses the newest biotech to provide accurate readings of your stress, sleep and well-being.

We’ve replaced the traditional watch face of the device with ancient stones and stainless steel discs, celebrating the belief that time is NOW. You can choose and switch faces easily with the magnetic interchanger to match your mood and style. 

The app translates that data into actionable and understandable data to help you find more balance.

The membership will be launched in the future with exclusive access to content and new features.