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We want to reset your relationship with technology so that it works for you subtly, securely and with complete privacy. 

Data collected from the sensors are sent to your phone where it’s permanently stored. We do not have access to your data unless you agree to share it with us. In that case, in addition to the data being stored on your phone, it will also be stored in our servers, which are hosted on AWS and are in the EU-central-1 region, namely in Frankfurt (see Regions and Zones - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud). 

Your data is associated with a randomized code, or universal unique identifier (UUID), which is known only to you. As such, your data is completely anonymized, meaning that we have no way of tracing it back to you. You always have the right to ask for your data to be deleted, for that you just need to provide us with your UUID. 

We use state of the art encryption and security so that your data is safe. We do not share your data with third parties, any data that you share with us will only be used to improve our algorithms and make the app experience more relevant and tailored.