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Your NOWATCH deliberately does not have a screen that allows notifications. Instead, it communicates with you through gentle vibrations. These vibrations are an invitation to pause, check in with yourself, and be present. Repeating this throughout the day can have a powerful effect on your overall feeling of well-being.

There are two types of vibrations that you can use:

1. Out Of Balance vibrations. Your NOWATCH gives you a nudge when it measures a continuous elevation in your stress levels. It intends to interrupt the stressful feeling you may be experiencing. It is a gentle reminder for you to take a step back and find balance again.

2. Random vibrations. Your NOWATCH will nudge you at random moments during the daytime. You can use these as a cue to check in with yourself and reflect on how you're doing.

Read the following article to set up the Vibrations using the app.