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A Moment registers your data for that specific time in the app. You can personalize and reflect on this Moment by adding how you felt and what you were doing. You can also write a journal entry that connects to this Moment.


To capture a Moment,

  • press the NOWATCH crown once.

Keep in mind that to capture a Moment, the Connection status should be 'Connected'.

  • Your NOWATCH and app should be within Bluetooth range.

  • The app should be open and running in the background.

  • Have both Bluetooth and Location turned on.

To relive or reflect on your Moment in the NOWATCH app,

  1. Tap the Overview tab.

  2. Tap on a Moment.

  3. Tap the Momentum to open the overlay screen. Here you can

    • Name your moment

    • State how you felt

    • Describe your activity

    • Check your measured data of that moment (BPM, steps, respiration rate, stress estimate).

  4. Swipe left or right to navigate between captured Moments.

What do Moments do for me?

Moments offer the opportunity to reflect on your day and how you were feeling. For example, you might want to capture a Moment when you are:

  • in a great flow that you want to remember, but don't want to interrupt by using your phone.

  • in a stressful situation that you want to reflect on later, but don't have the time or head-space right now.

  • not quite sure what you're currently feeling but would like to explore it again later.

Feed your Momentum Visual

Your NOWATCH also learns more about you when you create Moments. The 5 feelings you can choose from when editing a Moment, each relate to a color:

Standard - blue
Calm - purple
Energized - green
Fine - light blue
Down - gray/white
Stressed - red