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If your NOWATCH app isn't displaying sleep data, consider these possible explanations and solutions:

  1. Proper Placement

    • Make sure the crown points at 8 o'clock.

    • Ensure your NOWATCH fits snugly and comfortably on your wrist.

  2. Data Storage and Erasure.

    NOWATCH continues to collect data even when disconnected from the app. The data is transferred once the connection is restored. NOWATCH can store data for about 24 hours.

    Data stored on the device is irretrievably erased on

    • Reboot.

    • Factory reset, and when

    • The battery drains.

  3. Software Updates

    • Ensure you're using the latest software, as updates may include fixes for sleep-tracking issues.

    • While not compulsory, data transfer and the app work better when the app is open or running in the background.

  4. Data Processing Time

    • Sleep data processing may take a few hours. It may be recalculated several times throughout the day.