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The way you wear and use your NOWATCH impacts the accuracy and consistency of measurements. To ensure accurate data,

  1. Proper orientation and placement

    • Orientation: The NOWATCH crown should point to 8 o'clock.

    • Fit: Wear it snugly on your wrist, about a finger's width from the base, avoiding knuckles. Ensure it's not too loose or tight.

  2. During Physical Activity

    • Keep the device in contact with your skin to ensure consistent data.

    • Note that breath rate data might not be collected during intense movement.

    • If NOWATCH is submerged in water, data will likely not be collected.

  3. Firmware and App Updates

    • Always use the latest versions of the app and firmware for optimal performance, new features, and bug fixes.

    • While not mandatory, the app functions better when it is open or running in the background.