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We understand missing a parcel can be annoying, so with DHL ODD we give you ultimate control and flexibility over your delivery. You can customize your delivery via DHL ODD to fit your schedule by deciding how, where, and when the delivery takes place and updating the location that suits you best.

DHL On Demand Delivery offers flexible delivery options:

  • Deliver my Package on Another Day: Change Delivery Date

  • Deliver my Package to Another Address within the original country: Change Location

  • Deliver my Package at a Safe Place: Authorize Shipment Release

  • Deliver my Package to my neighbor: Leave the package at your Neighbor, Reception or Guard

  • Deliver my Package at a DHL Service Point: Hold for Pick‐up Collection (84,000 Service points Worldwide!)

  • Request to Store my Package: Vacation Hold - store your parcel for up to 30 days 

Flexible, convenient, and always at the right moment!