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Navigate to the Movement graph

NOWATCH tracks your steps and movement. To see the Movement graph,

In the NOWATCH app, on the NOW tab,

  1. Tap the Momentum Visual to access the screen overlay.
    The Movement tile shows your average for the past two minutes.

  2. Tap the Movement tile to see how your steps/min change over time, the total steps, and the inverted HR graph.

Please note that while NOWATCH measures your movement, it is not a fitness or activity tracker. This means that it does not detect or track some of the measurements you’d typically find in a conventional fitness tracker such as how many swim laps or minutes of exercise you do, or calories burnt.
By recognizing that wellness encompasses more than just physical activity, NOWATCH encourages a shift in perspective. It acknowledges that true well-being extends to mental and emotional health, as well as overall lifestyle choices.